Welcome to my page!

I am building this webpage so people can know about me and download my stuff. I hope you like it here. If you want to contact me, hre is my email: iamjondalar2003@yahoo.com

Personal Info:

I am 20 years old. I enjoy reading and writing stories. I also enjoy designing and building Roleplaying Games. As in, the old-style pen-and paper RPGs.


This is my RPG I wrote. It's 50 pages and 9 chapters long. I decided to take my favorite rules system, FUDGE and combine a fantasy RPG with a cyberpunk RPG. I am told it is similar to Shadowrun, but that was purely unintentional. I have never even seen the cover of a Shadowrun book.

On later reading my book, which I wrote two years ago, I discovered it sucked. Rather than tear it down, I'll just leave it here. If you are interested I've started a new project on fudge.phoenyx.net along the same lines, but much better.

CyberFUDGE (PDF File)


My Java Telnet Client

A very awesome free RPG listing site.

The FUDGE RPG Website


Discworld MUD (My favorite MUD)

The Mudconnector (The best MU* resource out there)